Mrs. Dr. Ildiko GONZALES
Special Envoy-at-Large
28. APR.2017 –

Born​: 1970
Permanent Residency:​ Istanbul (Turkey)
Qualification: Financial Consultant/Lawyer
Specialisation: Legal Consultant, Expansion of Companies abroad

Citizenship: Hungary/KMFAP

Key Qualification & Expertise​:
I worked all my life as entrepreneur and manager. I
collaborated with privates and giant companies in the legal, trade and financial field. I
have built up my valuable business contacts throughout Europe and in various
countries of Asia. I contributed in big businesses in financial, investing, banking and
project financing. Also, it is my passion to help people, and I try my best to be a part
of several organisations that contribute to people’s overall well-being.

Education & Professional Status
Social Pedagogy, Györ University, Hungary 2003
Lawyer, Debrecen University, Hungary 2006


Computer Literacy
ECDL exam

EU, Turkey, Middle East