H.E. Sir Vojislav Milosevic

Name: H.E. Sir Vojislav Milosevic
Born: 1957
Citizenship: Serbian / KMFAP
Residency: Serbia


Graduated at the Faculty for Political Sciences in Belgrade – 1980.

The topic for his postgraduate studies was : “Islam fundamentalism as a form of political organizing and work”.




Took part in the conferences of UNESCO and UNCTAD as a counselor in 1980 and 1981.

Journalist for TANJUG agency – 1983.

Counselor at the Protocol of the Federal Parliament from December 1983 till June 1999.

Participant and a speaker at The Conference of Balkan countries which was dedicated to peace in the Balkans, held in Florina, Greece in 1993.

Author of many articles in daily and weekly newspapers on international relationships:

“Searching for Alive Target” – in 1995.

“With Islam to 21st century” – in1996.

“Israel, the name which means the country and the people” – in 1996.

Feuilleton “In the name of Alah (Novosti) – in September 2001 after the attack of Al- Quaide on
the USA

Other Qualities:

Wrote the book “The Balkan Knot” in 1999