H.E. Sir Walid Khalid Issa Taha
Special Envoy-at-Large
02. DEC.2016  –

Name: H.E. Sir Walid Khalid Issa Taha
Born: 1958
Citizenship: Iraqi / KMFAP


University of Technology: B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering / Power (1980-1981)
Power Electrical Consultant Engineer since 2003
Membership in the Iraqi Engineering Union since 198

Compulsory Military Service / Directorate of Military Works
Ministry of Defense – Iraq
Electrical Contractor (Including Power Stations, Electrical Installation and Transformers Low Tension – High Tension) – Iraq
General Manger of The Eastern Company for Commercial Agencies & Diwan Ishtar Company for Contracting and Trading – Iraq
Main Partner and CEO Taha-Kubba Group of Companies – Iraq
Owner & Chairman Taha & Partners Group (TPG) – Iraq
Knight of The Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem Knights of Malta Federation of The Autonomous Priories (KMFAP)
Special Envoy-at-Large of KMFAP
Ambassador At-Large of Antigua and Barbuda
Member of the Iraqi Engineering Union
Member of the Iraqi Chamber of Commerce
Member of Iraqi Businessmen Association / IBA
Member of the Businessmen League in Iraq
Member of the Arab-Swiss Chamber of Commerce
Member of Arab-German Consortium for Trade and Industry e.v/GHORFA
Member of the IBC Jordan
Member of Business Advisory Council (BAC) Vienna – Austria
Honorable Member of The Rotary Club in Iraq

Humanitarian Activities
President of the “Dema Organization for Motherhood & Childhood” (Iraqi NGO)
Vice President of the “Friendship, Peace and Solidarity Organization” (Iraqi NGO) / OFPS elected as president in 2003
Vice President of “Al-FAO for Human Being Development Foundation” (Iraqi NGO)