In the present days, some people are only chasing an imagined lifestyle and beliefs tent to fight for pitiable theory that they even risk their own and/or others life. While others are simply fighting to survive one day after another. How could we protect others and our own environment if we are surrounded with greediness and envy? Every day people’s lives are destroyed because of violent conflicts.

Nations do not respect each other, because mostly we live in a diverse nation made up of many different cultures, languages, races, and backgrounds and the main ignorance come from those who do not want to learn about other cultures. Social and natural resources other than purely economic resources are unevenly distributed in most societies and may contribute to social status. Very powerful aspects can be if we willing to see others from their own or even a completely different perspective. If you look at the planet from space there are no borders. There is only a unique planet with a thin, fragile atmosphere, suspended in a vast and hostile darkness. We cherish that on Earth we are one humanity, we eventually all share the same fate with any other creatures.

Growing yet largely ignored, social inequality threatens the very foundations of our society but we willing to stand up for one another.

Our conception of change will only be driven by those who dare to think outside of the normal curve, dare to figure out how reality really works in this day and age, and dare to tackle the problems we face in our societies today.

Our Ministry’s main goal is to secure the peaceful coexistence between the nations, based on mutual respect and to make our World a far more livable and lovable place.